FODMAPs in The Press!

I am pleased to see news coverage of the low fodmap "diet."

Many of my patients that I have diagnosed with either Irritable bowel syndrome (#IBS), bloating, or chronic diarrhea have found it helpful.

The term "diet" in association with fodmaps is a misnomer. I feel more like this is a road map to reducing symptoms and improving quality of life. It's important to follow this road map closely with the help of both your gastroenterologist and a dietician experienced in it. 

Keep in mind that anyone with symptoms of bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain should seek a diagnosis first before assuming they have IBS, as its diagnosis remains at this time one of exclusion. There is no diagnostic test. A physician must first rule out other causes through careful exam and history taking. In some, blood work, imaging, and colonoscopy or endoscopy may be required.